For 25 years the Black Business Directory (BBD) has served Memphis by providing a hard copy yellow pages directory of African American owned businesses. The BBD also included our “Partners in Progress” (Partners), businesses, not African American owned but dedicated to African American consumers. The time has come to move this vital information to a digital format for 24/7/365 availability.

Our goal is to connect consumers with the best African American businesses and Partners who provide quality goods and outstanding services in the Memphis area. Long-term growth and unprecedented exposure to the best African American business and Partners as well as community building is our desired goal.


The plan is powerful, yet simple. Support the businesses that want your business and are a vital part of your community. When we work together, the revenue of these businesses will soar! When this happens, we will see our community become stronger. Strong businesses are necessary for strong communities. By connecting consumers and businesses, we build better, stronger, more united and more sustainable communities. The secret to curing the economic crises in our community is no secret. The “epiphany” is the notion that real community building comes only through working together. That is the starting point! The old way of thinking hasn’t worked. We must think like we have never thought to do what we have never done. We will only prosper through the wise spending of our dollars.


We have identified African American businesses and Partners who want your business. Please use this directory to identify and support the best African American businesses and Partners. They promise to provide quality goods and outstanding service to and for you!